Commercial Loans

Your business is vital to you, your family and this community. And, First Sentry is just as concerned that your business thrives. We have a vested interest in the Huntington area and we have borrowing options to help get your business off the ground, or grow and prosper. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals.

A Wide Array of Options

  1. Business Term Loan - This is typically used for commercial real estate acquisitions, equipment purchases, permanent working capital, etc. The business term loan is tailored to meet your company's cash flow, and the interest rate can be fixed or variable.
  2. Business Line of Credit - The business line of credit is usually used for inventory needs and short-term cash needs caused by the gap created between customer billings and collections. You get cash when you need it, paying only the interest due each month. The funds become available again as you repay them.
  3. Small Business Administration (SBA Loan) - These loans are partially guaranteed by the government. This allows First Sentry to offer more flexible loan terms like higher loan to value ratios and longer repayment terms. These loans are typically used to supplement a firm's working capital, or to provide funds to buy equipment or real estate.

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Business Services Team

Sherry Houck Sherry Houck
Senior Vice President
Main Office
(304) 399-7788
Toby Taylor Toby Taylor
Senior Vice President
Main Office
(304) 399-6442
Patrick Hickman Patrick Hickman
Vice President
Main Office
(304) 399-6444
Fran Howard Fran Howard
Vice President
Barboursville Office
(304) 399-4441
Jason Rollyson Jason Rollyson
Vice President
Main Office
(304) 399-6441
Mitch Farrar Mitch Farrar
Vice President
Branch Administration and
Business Development
(304) 733-4199
Cheri McKay Cheri McKay
Assistant Vice President, Manager
Pea Ridge Office
(304) 733-7905
Barbara Keaton Bonnie Blatt
Assistant Vice President,
Branch Manager,
Barboursville Office
(304) 733-4188
Judy Conway Judy Conway
Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager
Lincoln County Office
(304) 824-6904
Jeff Davis
Vice President - Commercial Banking
Rock Branch Office
(304) 399-7799
Sheila Martin Sheila Martin
Vice President - Lending
Rock Branch Office
(304) 399-6471
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