Debit Card Safety

Picture of locksOur focus is on providing you with a positive banking experience. That also extends to protecting you and your accounts.

With major breaches of retailer systems (Target, Neiman-Marcus, Michaelís, etc.), and increased activity in debit card fraud and attempted debit card fraud. Please know that a great deal goes on behind the scenes to prevent fraud, and we do other things to limit fraud once we see it developing. One such strategy to limit fraud is to temporarily block locations (like a particular neighborhood or retailer) where the fraud is originating. When these blocks are in place, your card wonít work where they merely swipe the card, but it will still work if used with a PIN. Only non-PIN transactions are blocked. If you find that your card doesnít work while you are traveling, you may call the Bank (304-522-6400) during normal business hours, and we can assist you with your card.

Before traveling, we recommend that you:

  • Inform us of the dates and locations you will be traveling with your card.
  • Carry more than one form of payment (debit card, cash, credit card, travelerís checks, etc.).
  • Call the bank immediately if your card is missing.

Stop by and update your phone numbers with the bank. This lets us contact you in case our system flags your transactions as potentially fraudulent. PLEASE NOTE: When our fraud department calls you, they will only verify your transactions. They already have your information and would not need to ask you for your card number, PIN or other personal information.


We are grateful that you trust us with your banking needs, and please be assured that we appreciate your patience and understanding on this issue. We fully realize the frustration that this causes you. Unfortunately, these practices have become necessary in order to prevent and limit the fraud that is occurring due to breaches like the ones mentioned.

Should you have any questions, please call any of our customer service representatives at any of our offices. Thank you.